1. Herbie has just finished a run with Slightly Fat Features  at the "Fish and Chips" Festival in Rouen, France. Massive crowds, standing ovations! See all about it here! 

  1. Herbie has just finished a run with Slightly Fat Features , performing around the UK in October. The tour culminated in four roaringly successful shows at The Tobacco Factory, Bristol.

  1. Herbie's last show before that was his eagerly awaited Mixed Up Fairytales at the Edinburgh Fringe, in August. Read the review from  The Stage - they liked it!    "Rarely, if ever, have I laughed so much at a children's show."

  1. In July, Herbie was in Canada for the month performing another highly successful solo show at a variety of family festivals.

  1. Before that, Herbie was at The Glastonbury Festival where he performed and hosted entertainments in his  Fat Belly {late night} Cafe Venue.

  1. Before that, Herbie was touring the UK  in May with the Slightly Fat Features Variety Show.

Click here for the CDhttp://www.herbietreehead.info/Site/Sleepy_Songs_and_not_VERY_Sleepy_Songs.htmlhttp://www.herbietreehead.info/Site/Sleepy_Songs_and_not_VERY_Sleepy_Songs.htmlhttp://www.herbietreehead.info/Site/Sleepy_Songs_and_not_VERY_Sleepy_Songs.htmlhttp://www.herbietreehead.info/Site/Sleepy_Songs_and_not_VERY_Sleepy_Songs.htmlhttp://www.herbietreehead.info/Site/Sleepy_Songs_and_not_VERY_Sleepy_Songs.htmlshapeimage_4_link_0shapeimage_4_link_1shapeimage_4_link_2shapeimage_4_link_3